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World's first nibbler for cutting fiber composite materials

TRUMPF has developed a nibbler that is the first of its kind worldwide, capable of separating various fiber composite materials up to 2,5 mm thickness. The TRUMPF Nibbler: TruTool FCN 250 is suitable for any sector that uses fiber composite materials to manufacture pioneering lightweight components. Accuracy and clean cutting edges pose real challenges when it comes to the manual cutting of fiber composite materials. Fraying and delamination frequently occur. During the separation of the material smoke and harmful dust can form. With the fiber composite nibbler these difficulties are a matter of the past.

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Trumpf Nibbler: TruTool FCN 250

Trumpf Nibbler: TruTool FCN 250

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About Trumpf

Since 1934 TRUMPF has manufactured power tools for sheet metal used in construction and in job
shops worldwide. Today the TRUMPF Group employs more than 8,000 people in 26 countries and is
a world leading manufacturer of production technology equipment. But, we have stayed true to our
roots – continuing to produce innovative power tools for cutting, fastening and bevelling sheet metals.
All of our power tools are made in Switzerland.

TRUMPF is distinguished for technical innovations in all of its fields of operation and for its tradition as well. The history of TRUMPF shows that, since its foundation in 1923, new ideas, continuity and consistent internationalization have been the hallmarks of the company’s development.

Diversification plays an important role, too. TRUMPF has constantly expanded its product fields not only through acquisitions in bending, electronics and medical technology, but also through its own developments, such as the laser.

TRUMPF plays a decisive role in the broad industrial application of the laser – in almost any field directly or indirectly. From the first use for the welding of watch springs to the latest trends in micro and macro processing – the success of the laser is partially due to the success of TRUMPF.

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